WORLD series for the personalization of sportswear

The numbers and letters of the "WORLD" series have been specially created for sportswear.

PVC based and phthalate-free,
our numbers and letters "WORLD"
are very elastic and highly covering.

They can be applied from very
low temperatures (100°C).
Thanks to this peculiarity and to the good elasticity,
the numbers and the letters of the "WORLD" series
are the perfect heat transfer
for the personalization of sportswear.

Normally, the fabrics used for sportswear are synthetic and very elastic and require
an equally elastic heat transfer.
Furthermore, by applying the product at low temperatures, the phenomenon of bleeding (color migration) of the dyes used for the coloring
of synthetic fabrics is greatly prevented.

WORLD series numbers

Our "WORLD" series sports numbers are specially created to be easily and quickly thermofixed
with an heat press.

We suggest you our heat presses.
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ETS Heat Presses

Light, resistant and elastic,
they have an excellent coverage.

Height of big numbers: 22 cm
Height of small numbers: 8 cm

On request we can personalize sports numbers with the font and color of client’s choice, also inserting the desired logo. 

WORLD series letters

Alphabet in pre-cut sheets, 24x34 cm format
containing 45 letters in height 4 cm
for the composition of names.

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